Greetings folks!

After a little break for the holidays we are back to continue working with more energy and new ideas…so as the first pending task this week we want to share with you our first project bulleting with information about where we are now and where we are going next.

¿Where we are we now?

Crypto Social Network is in its initial phase, we are currently not rushing to try to get people to come to our site because we are still making some improvements to the chat rooms and the site. On the other hand, this week we want to complete the section of frequently asked questions in English and Spanish with detailed information about each aspect of our site. We are not going to create a separate support page, we believe that we should simplify the help process by serving users directly from their profiles.

What next?

Once all the technical aspects and basic functionalities of the site have been completed, we are going to launch some of our programs for the public to start joining, for now I can only anticipate that it will be a program for people from all over the world in English and Spanish.

So far we have at least 5 projects written and ready to launch and another 2 in the completion phase, don’t take us wrong but we take every step we take very seriously and we like to take into account all the elements for and against… for now, thanks for staying tuned and see you tomorrow.

Cheers…Maik is out