Our users have sent us some questions and we are happy to answer them.

Are we going to launch and exchange or swap in the future?

No, we aren’t.  From the beginning, we have clearly mentioned what we do and what we do not do. But this is an opportunity to remind you that we don’t launch, exchange or swap now and we won’t do it in the future.

Is Crypto Social Network going to launch its own cryptocurrency?

No, we have no plans to make a cryptocurrency. It would represent a conflict of interests. Our reason for existing is to be able to connect enthusiasts and investors with solid projects in a safe environment.

What is our current road map?

We are currently deep into the last quarter of the first phase of the platform, basically every idea that ever got down on paper is being discussed again and polished until the best solution is found. Keep in mind that one thing is the mind, then the idea on paper, and finally the execution.  You know, perspectives change, but we are working every day. Our perspective is to have everything ready in no more than 3 months.

We regret not being able to reveal more information, we can only tell you that we have well-justified and feasible ideas.

What is our funding source?

We financed the project with our own money and we do not plan to seek crowdfunding either, we believe in what we do and we will not rest until we become the best Crypto Community for the industry.

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How many people work on this project?

We are a multidisciplinary team of 2 people working full-time. Some administrative change on the company registration is coming.

For now, stay tuned, and if you want to support us, make a donation.

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