Project Bulletin #5

Greetings folks!

We are pleased to announce that Airdrops with a reward feature is ready to use. This tool will be freely available for coin/token and exchange accounts and authorized investors’ accounts with the following features :

View an airdrop demo.

 1. Create a stunning airdrop campaign.

Catch users’ attention by creating a description for your airdrop campaign with text, links, images, or just a video on the airdrop header.

Advice: Your airdrop header (including title) is accessible for indexing by major search engines, so study carefully what your title and description should be (Do not include the “airdrop” word on your title. ), if you choose to publish your airdrop with a video, we recommend that you add a backlink from your video to your airdrop page and profile on CSN.


2. Activate complete one or all of the following tasks :

  • Like your Facebook page
  • Like your Facebook post
  • Share my airdrop on Facebook
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Like my Twitter post
  • Share my airdrop on Twitter
  • Join my Telegram group
  • Join my subreddit
  • Upvote my post on Reddit
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  • Like my Youtube video
  • Follow us on Medium
  • Like and comment on our Medium post
  • Follow us on GitHub
  • Star and watch my repository on GitHub
  • Visit my website
  • Share my website

Note that, In order to verify that it has performed said task, each task requires the user to send you the username that performed the action.


   3. Reward your community.

Once the user completes the tasks, the airdrop form will display a simple box where it is requested to send the address of the wallet (with an optional memo) where the reward should be sent after your entries are confirmed.

See also  Introducing ICO promotion feature. - Project Bulletin #6


 4. End your airdrop campaign at any time.

At the time of creating your airdrop campaign, you can mark the expiration date, on the indicated date your airdrop campaign will continue to be published but will show a text warning “Airdrop Completed”.


5. Your rights.

The communication between the user and the airdrop maker is private, Crypto Social Network does not intervene, is not a recipient of messages and is not responsible for the delivery of rewards. Therefore, Crypto Social Network grants the airdrop maker, the right to deny participation and/or reward to any user.

Please read ourAirdrop policies“.