Project Bulletin #7

Greetings folks!

In this bulletin, I want to present what would be the most popular feature of our platform, Let me introduce the Crypto Live & Videos and channel subscription.


It is specially dedicated to YouTube and Twitch content creators. The Crypto Live & Videos feature allows you to share and promote your content and channel across the entire Crypto Social Network.


Main Crypto Live & Videos features.

  1. You can share Live videos and short videos (Short video ratio: 9:16).
  2. Content creators will be able to add the subscription button to their Youtube or Twitch channels. (tiktok button soon).
  3. Get tips from the community by activating the tip button on your profile. Verified users with more than 100 followers, can select any cryptocurrency to receive their tip.

More features are on the way…


Where is your video is spread?

Your videos, in addition to the generic wall where you post your videos, will also appear on the following:

  1. Video list page. View here.
  2. Coin list (Most viewed videos and In numbers inside the coin list “Example: BTC – 5 videos/link”). View here.
  3. Token list (Most viewed and soon inside Token list).
  4. ICO listing page (Most viewed and soon inside ICO list).
  5. NFT listing page (Most viewed slider).


We hope with this feature and the way we handle your content, we can solve one of the industry’s quietest problems “the information spread everywhere”.


To learn more about it, we recommend that you read the help documentation.

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Mission accomplished – Regards and peace.