Top 500 Words used by scammers on crypto

It was clear from the beginning that if we are going to do this we have to make it possible to reduce or even stop some of the most common scam practices in the crypto space.

So the first thing we did was do a deep analysis about how scammers do what they do, We went through thousands of documented scam cases, analysing conversations, promotional materials, and social media posts, meticulously dissecting the language patterns and techniques scammers use to deceive their victims and this was the result.

The art of scamming


Top words used by scammers and fraud scenarios.

Top words used by scammers

Technical, Support, Help, Assistance, Security, Team, DEV, Verified, Trust, Official, Customer care, Consultant, Claim, Admin, Dispute, Consultant, Confirmation, Upgrade, Compensation, Advisor, Assist, Promotion,  Promote, Maintenance, Backup, Aid, Helper, Associate, Supporter, Hub, Aide, Force, Emergency, Reserve, Mentor, Sponsor, Counseling, Hand, Promote, Loyalty. Airdrop


The above words are used on the following way :

  1. Combined with the name of a cryptocurrency pretending to be part of crypto team
  2. Combined with the name of a Exchange, or any other related service to crypto, including pretend to be a fictitious committee of blockchain administration.
  3. AI or BOT. – Yes, there is some cases that scammers pretend to be that.


In the following scenarios :

  1. When join a chat group.
  2. Fake profiles
  3. Fake websites
  4. When asking a question, requesting a solution to a problem or simply exposing it.
  5. Phishing Emails: Scammers may send fraudulent emails.


Other words like “Investment,” “Return,” and “Profit,” as well as guarantee, risk-free profit or secure are often used by fraudsters to attract unsuspecting investors. Scammers might use phrases such as “Guaranteed High Return Investment” or “Secure, Risk Free Profit” in their attempts at drawing investors in. Unfortunately in investments high returns typically coincide with high risks.

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Words associated with crypto-specific concepts such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies (e.g. ICO/Token), Mining/Coin Mining; Blockchain; Wallet/Private Key can all be leveraged by con artists to add legitimacy and legitimacy can lend their pitch an air of legitimacy; con artists might claim they possess something new such as “revolutionary blockchain technology”, potentially misleading those less informed on these terms into signing on as victims of scam.

Scammers employ scare tactics like using words such as “Limited Time,” “Last Chance,” Deadline,” and Final Notice” in an attempt to induce potential victims into making quick decisions without proper due diligence or deliberation. By exploiting fears about missing an incredible opportunity, scammers often induce individuals into acting quickly without enough consideration being given beforehand.

Expressions such as “Unprecedented”, “Revolution”, and “Future of finance” capitalize on the excitement and hype associated with cryptocurrency industry, offering fraud schemes disguised as revolutionary opportunities or next-gen innovations to lure those keen on participating in cutting-edge tech into falling for them.

Words associated with financial freedom such as “Wealth,” “Prosperity,” Luxury,” FInancial Independence,” Millionaire” or Billionaire may all serve to tap into someone’s fantasies of riches and financial stability. Scammers will frequently use phrases such as “Unlock unimaginable Wealth” or “Achieve Financial Independence” in an attempt to attract victims into their scheme and exploit any dreams of great prosperity that come their way.

Trust-building words such as “Trust,” “Loyalty,” Affiliation,”Partnership,”Collaboration,”and “Unity” can also be leveraged to foster feelings of community and security; fraudsters might claim that their “Trustworthy team” or “Loyal community” serves as proof of legitimacy, thus masking any malicious intentions they harbor within.


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Full list of words used by scammers

Investment, Return, Profit, Guarantee, Risk-free, Secure, Opportunity, Wealth, Gain, Instant, Safe, Promise, Benefit, Yield, Exclusive, Double, Quick, Easy, High, Turnover, Massive, Huge, ROI, Margin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto, ICO, Token, Coin, Mining, Network, Blockchain, Wallet, Private, Key, Password, Address, Exchange, Platform, Trade, Buy, Sell, Transfer, Deposit, Account, Money, Dollar, Fiat, Volatility, Market, Liquidity, Asset, Altcoin, Bullish, Bearish, HODL, Pump, Dump, Airdrop, Stake, Earn, Bounty, NFT, DAO, Defi, Yield, Farming, Shilling, paper, Roadmap, Decentralized, Centralized, Peer, Scalability, contract, Gas, fees, Layer, Fiat, crypto, Lambo, Moon, middleman, Confidential, Anonymity, Financial, freedom, Portfolio, Pump, dump, Referral, Pyramid, Scheme, Scam, Fraud, Ponzi, Untraceable, Offshore, Discount, Limited time, Special offer, Bonus, Reward, Giveaway, Free, Dividend, Insider, Undervalued, Pre-sale, Multilevel, marketing, Matrix, Breakthrough, Ground floor, Unregistered, Unsolicited, Urgency, Last chance, Deadline, Final, notice, Join, Opportunity, Success, Financial independence, Unprecedented, Revolution, Future of finance, Don’t miss out, Premium, Value, Cashing, Secret, Hidden, Rare, Untapped, Wealthy, Luxury, Lifestyle, Prosperity, Elite, Fortune, Riches, Millionaire, Billionaire, Unbelievable, Miraculous, Phenomenal, Once, lifetime, Confidentiality, Trust, Loyalty, Affiliation, Partnership, Collaboration, Association, Team, Unity, Brother, Sister, Family, Tribe, Community, Network, Together, Cooperation, Help, Support, Association, Power, Control, Freedom, Independence, Autonomy, Sovereignty, Success, Achieve, Accomplish, Win, Victory, Triumph, Conquer, Overcome, Surpass, Unbeatable, Unstoppable, Irresistible, Attraction, Desire, Want, Need, Demand, Wish, Dream, Aspire, Hope, Expect, Anticipate, Prospect, Fortune, Destiny, Fate, Certainty, Luck, Chance, Possibility, Potential, Probability, Likely, Benefit, Advantage, Reward, Perk, Bonus, Plus, Premium, Gain, Profit, Yield, Return, Dividend, Interest, Stake, Share, Portion, Fraction, Part, Piece, Slice, Quota, Segment, Section, Division, Unit, Element, Constituent, Component, Factor, Ingredient, Attribute, Characteristic, Quality, Trait, Feature, Aspect, Facet, Detail, Particular, Specific, Individual, Personal, Private, Confidential, Secret, Hidden, Concealed, Buried, Covered, Veiled, Masked, Disguised, Camouflaged, Shrouded, Obscured, Overlooked, Unnoticed, Ignored, Unseen, Invisible, Undetected, Undiscovered, Unrecognized, Unidentified, Anonymous, Nameless, Faceless, Unknown, Mysterious, Strange, Unfamiliar, Alien, Exotic, Foreign, New, Fresh, Novel, Unique, Original, Innovative, Pioneering, Groundbreaking, Revolutionary, Radical, Disruptive, Game-changing, State-of-the-art, Cutting-edge, Leading-edge, Ultra-modern, Sophisticated, Advanced, High-tech, Futuristic, Next, generation, Break, Landmark, Historic, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Extraordinary, Incredible, Unbelievable, Unthinkable, Impossible, Unimaginable, Remarkable, Outstanding, Exceptional, Amazing, Astonishing, Astounding, Stunning, Staggering, Jaw, dropping, Mind, eye, opening, Heart, Fantastic, Terrific, Fabulous, Wonderful, Marvellous, Superb, Excellent, Perfect, Best, Supreme, Ultimate, Top, Peak, Pinnacle, Summit, Apex, Zenith, Climax, Culmination, Finale, Conclusion, Ending, Finish, Close, Completion, Finality, Certainty, Definite, Concrete, Solid, Firm, Stable, Steady, Fixed, Permanent, Enduring, Lasting, Eternal, Everlasting, Timeless, Immortal, Infinite, Unlimited, Boundless, Endless, Unending, Limitless, Unbounded, Vast, Extensive, Wide, Broad, Comprehensive, All, Full, Complete, Total, Whole, Entire, Global, Worldwide, Universal, Cosmic, Galactic, Stellar, Astronomical, Massive, Huge, Big, Large, Giant, Gigantic, Jumbo, Mammoth, Colossal, Monstrous, Titanic, Enormous, Immense, Great, Major, Important, Significant, Substantial, Considerable, Serious, Grave, Crucial, Critical, Vital, Essential, Key, Central, Fundamental, Core, Basic, Elementary, Primary, Main, Major, Master, Grand, Superior, Overarching, Overriding, Ultimate, Supreme, Paramount, Premier, Principal, Chief, Leading, Ruling, Reigning, Dominant, Commanding, Controlling, Governing, Prevailing, Predominant, Preeminent, Distinguished, Noted, Notable, Eminent, Prominent, Renowned, Famous, Celebrated, Esteemed, Honored, Prestigious, Influential, Powerful, Mighty, Strong, Potent, Effective, Capable, Able, Competent, Skilled, Talented, Gifted, Elite, Exclusive, Select, Chosen, Preferred, Favorite, Cherished, Prized, Valued, Treasured, Esteemed, Admired, Loved, Adored, Revered, Respected, Honored, Praised, Glorified, Hallowed, Worshiped, Sacred, Holy, Divine, Heavenly, Blessed, Favored, Fortunate, Lucky, Successful, Winning, Thriving, Flourishing.

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Taking all of the above into account, these are the measures taken to prevent such cases on our platform.


Names / usernames reserved :

Username policy :

Security update :

How eliminate most common crypto scam :


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