Greetings folks!

First post of 2023, Happy New Year to the entire crypto community.-I am sure that this will be a year of recovery for everyone. For now we continue working reaching a new goal every day…You know, saying you want to do something is easy, doing it well requires much more than words, anyway, these are some of the changes and improvements that we have implemented.


Changes in the registration of the site

When we started, among the many ideas we launched to solve some of the most common problems that affect us on large social platforms, the best solution was to offer different types of user accounts. At the beginning we started offering up to 7 types of accounts, but later we realized that this, besides being crazy, was not necessary either, so we reduced them to 5, and then finally to 3 accounts types (Investor, Business, Project).

Although we have not excluded anyone from our platform but have added DEXs and Bridges to projects, with the current configuration it is much easier for you to identify what type of account is for you.

New registry options

  1. Exchange and blockchain are now under “Business” account type.
  2. Coin, token, dex and bridges are now under “Project” account type.
  3. Coin and token have the option to select between “Production” and “ICO”. After the ICO period is over, you can switch to production.
  4. Dex projects have to select his network.
  5. Bridges network have to select his networks after registration. plz see our Help center.
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Protection from scam sites

One of the biggest problems on large social networks is scam sites, too many people sharing harmful URLs, so to avoid this, we have several lists that automatically allow or block any URLs that meet the following criteria.

Banned URL criteria :

  • If it contains the name of a coin or business previously registered on our site, Example;
  1. anybinanceany.any
  2. anyethereumany.any
  • If it has been previously classified as a scam or dangerous.


Allowed URL criteria :

Registered under coin or business account type.


We have contacted ICANN, some domain register, Google chrome, Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Samsung navigator and Safari to create a network against scam sites. However, we will soon be releasing our own app to help you detect these sites.


For now, we keep working. Believe me, although we would like to be able to say that we will finish the following week, it is impossible to be sure, doing things well requires discipline, not giving yourself justifications for not doing the right things.

Have a great 2023 and i see you soon.


Maik is out!!