We have taken a step back – Project Bulletin #11

Since last week we have finally completed all the development and testing phases of the site, we had thought of leaving this week, but, in a last review of the site we found that our content policies were not fully configured, at first it seemed just a simple task, but it hasn’t been like that, strict security policies are anything but simple. So we’ve had to step back and delay our opening, this means that given the surprises we have found, we have found it necessary to re-verify everything.


For now we can anticipate that with the purpose of further reducing the opportunity for some unscrupulous users to share links to fraudulent sites, we have applied another layer of security through our content policies. So not all shared websites will show a preview of the site, At the same time, we have compiled the largest number of websites related to news, statistics, price forecasts and media in general which will be accepted.

– Which ones precisely?

Well, lest say that if you share an well-know site about crypto there is not going to be problem, but..for example, we know that sometimes scammers using sites like Youtube or Twitter for post his content, so, is probably that in that case you could share any media from this site except those who are related to those user. However, it is likely that at some point we could lose track of what is happening within the platform, to fix this we implemented another layer for security, if any user shares a link that has been previously classified as spam, we will receive an alert and we will act proportionally to the violation committed.

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In resume we have the following URL security layers.

  1. Direct banned site list.
  2. Allowed website/ Not allowed website.
  3. Protected official website domains.
  4. Alert for attempting to share banned URLs.
  5. Alert when a user/investor change his website URL / profile.


Please note that while all these measures may seem overwhelming, it does not affect communication between investors and crypto projects but rather reduces attempts to scam inexperienced users to a minimum.

Other functions are a system to share from any external site directly on your wall, keep in mind that this share button need to be placed on the origen website like as we have added it in our sharing plugins.



To learn how implemented our share button on you site please read this help content.



This all for now, there will be more soon.








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