Greetings folks!

It’s been a long time since our last post, it’s quite difficult to concentrate on all the work that our project requires and then have the energy to write to you, but well, here we are back and there is much to tell you.

¿What has happened in all this time?

In the last few months, we have been able to create several new features such as :

  1. Airdrops task with rewards.
  2. NFT promotion from several NFT markets.
  3. Live, video pages with a short video section.
  4. ICO promotion.
  5. Coin and token listing page. (Full nodes) – (..soon)
  6. Chat rooms were eliminated. (.. soon)
  7. Security improvements. (…soon)


¿Where are we now?

During all this time, many things have happened, from lack of financial resources, and the resignation of two founding members to mental and physical exhaustion, which led to more problems such as stopping the flow of new ideas, but we are here, a new member “Ammar Mohamed ” has joined this project as a partner and lead developer and now finally I can say that Crypto Social Network is in the last stage of development.

Just a year ago, Crypto Social Network was just an idea, but today it is a real solution to make cryptocurrencies and blockchain for everyone.

¿What’s next?

We are finalizing the latest technical details and operational policies and procedures documentation, this means that some changes may occur that further improve the protection of our future users with the ultimate goal that you can create your crypto social network free of criminal or harmful actions against your brand or name.

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For now, I only have to explain what are the specific changes that have occurred in all this time. To keep updated with new newsletters, we recommend you subscribe to our project newsletter.


Cheers…Maik is out.